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Faranak Ravan
Oxnard, United States
May 04,2012
Dear Vampal,
I received the dress today, thank you for your hard work.

Faranak Ravan
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maldon, United Kingdom
Apr 17,2012
Received the dress today very happy with it, it  was perfect! Thank you very much!!
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denton, United States
Apr 09,2012
I just received my dress and I can't express how happy I am right now. It looks exactly as I  thought it would and fits better than I expected. And the structuring underneath is great. This is my wedding dress and I'm so lucky to have found this site because this really is the best dress I have tried on. Ever. There is no better word than perfect or I would have used it here. Thank you so, so much.
Bradford, United Kingdom
Oct 24,2011
Thank you so much Vampal for my gorgeous dresses they have just arrived 24/10/11. I bought them for my wedding for my bridesmaids. They look absolutely stunning on. They will look beautiful on the day, thank you so much xx
Morgantown, United States
Oct 10,2011
I got my dress in the mail today - exactly two weeks after I ordered it and it's gorgeous!! I love it! It was exactly what I expected!! I'm so very happy that I found you guys and decided to give it a go and order the dress!! My event (USMC Ball) is Nov. 19! I'll make sure to post photos the day after! :) Thanks again for being so timely and for making me a gorgeous gown! :) Can't beat the price either! :-D
Hannah Jamron Hannah Jamron
Orange, United States
Apr 27,2011
I purchased my dress March 20th and received it today April 27th and my prom is in 2 days. The dress is not exactly what it looks like in the picture and does not look like it was finished.  There is no way of hooking the strap to the back of the dress and only half of the strap is beaded. It needs to be fitted also.The dress is beautiful but looks like it might have been rushed to be not-so-finished. I'm satisfied but not ecstatic.
Fatin Ihmeidan
Naperville, United States
Apr 06,2011
I just received the dress.
Vampal,Thank you very much.
The day of the wedding i will take a picture and post it to your blog.


hello here is my pic.. order 667 I loved it and so did everyone else.

vampal dress reviews
Desiree Kessler
Baton Rouge, United States
Apr 05,2011
i received my dress today , it is gorgeous !
Thank you Vampal, Desiree
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